Creed Aventus 假香水分辦

Creed Aventus 假香水 (真假辨香)

Creed Aventus Real VS Fake

去圖: Creed Aventus 左真右假 (Left real, right fake)



How to spot fake Creed Aventus

If not sure, ask the seller for more photos!

(Real on left, Fake on right)
Front of box
(Real) Box has logo on front, Aventus logo (silver part) is shiny. Real box is more textured with raised edges
(Fake) Box has no logo, silver part is matte. Fake box is less textured and “flat”

Box Edge
(Real) Edge of bottom box is black.
(Fake) Edge of bottom box is white.

Picture Card
(Real) Picture card has narrower raised gold oval, there is some space above the heads, has same logo as top of cap,
(Fake) Picture card has thick non-raised gold oval, top part of heads are often cut off, does not have same logo as top of cap,

Under sprayer
(Real) – White plastic ring under sprayer
(Fake) – Silver metal under sprayer

Label and Sprayer tube
(Real) Label is reflective and tube has a ball bearing in it
(Fake) Label is less reflective (matte), tube has no ball bearing


(1) 真的外殼没有透明塑封(舊版無, 新版有)
(2) 咭片紙上, 畫像金邊應該有突起的, 紙是有紋路的 (尤其是新版)
(3) 包裝盒紙殼所有的邊也是黑色
(4) 真品盒子里有兩層保護
(5) 真品蓋子Logo紋路清晰, 印花有凹凸而不是全部凹
(6) Creed字樣全部應該塗黑, 無不均勻無細節處理不到位
(7) 正面貼畫上的Aventus字樣應該有紋路, 而不是平的
(8) 貼畫也有紋路, 不掉色
(9) 老版 120ml 應該有淡黃色
(10) 香水噴出來的量差很多 (真多假少)



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